NSW Consulting Services

NSW Consulting Services

Welcome to Active Green Services request for quotation portal.  Thank you for your interest in our business. We provide a number of environmental, ecological and arboricultural consulting services.

Request for Quotation Form

If you’d like to submit a request for quotation, please complete the form.  You will need photos of the subject(s) (e.g. tree, habitat, water course), some photos from around the property (site photos) and a site sketch.

If you require an Arboricultural Impact Assessment for a Development Application (DA), you will also need to upload the design plans.

Once you accept our quotation, you will be asked for payment.  If this is not acceptable, please do not submit a request.

If you are not able to take and upload photos or documents, please call our NSW office and one of our consultants can arrange a site visit at your convenience but note that site visits for quotations are charged at an hourly rate, include travel and are payable in advance by credit card.

Services available for quotation are:

• Aerial tree inspection and report
• Arboricultural Impact Assessment (For DA Submission)
• Bushfire mitigation plan
• Carbon capture and sustainability reporting
• Ecosystem restoration plan
• Environmental impact assessment
• Expert witness statements
• Flora and Fauna surveys and inventories
• Policy and strategy development paper
• Preliminary Tree Assessment
• Soil, Air and Water sampling and analysis report
• Soil assessment and improvement plan
• Tree data files
• Tree inventory report
• Tree management and protection plan
• Tree risk assessment
• Tree valuation report
• Urban greening, green space and canopy cover plan
Quotations - NSW
Do you need to be on site when we visit your property? *
Address of the property: *
Address of the property:
Post Code
Please make a rough sketch of your property showing all these things:

  • All buildings, sheds, cubbies, fences, clothesline, pool
  • Driveway with all areas of the property that a vehicle can access
  • Power line (“Service line”) from the street to the building
  • Gas line from the street to the building
  • Sewer line from the street to the building
  • Water line from the street to the building (please use dashes)
  • Any other cables (like Foxtel or nbn) from the street to the building (please use dashes)
  • Each tree that requires work (please draw a circle roughly the size of each tree as might be seen from the air)
Please upload your rough sketch here:
Maximum upload size: 20.97MB

Job Description

Please take and upload photos in landscape format and any documents of, for example:

  1. Tree(s), from approximately 20m away
  2. Water course
  3. Design plans
Photos in landscape format or document uploads:
Maximum upload size: 20.97MB