Mark Willcocks

Mark Willcocks

Ecosystem Restoration Consultant

In 1974 Mark Willcocks, B. Eng. (Chemical) started a small business founded on a love of trees. That business grew into Active Tree Services which remains an industry leading organisation today.

With a life-long passion for the environment, Mark was instrumental in bringing together tree contracting organisations through leadership of industry bodies and the sponsorship of Arboriculture Australia and Utility Arborist Association of Australia. In 2004 Mark was awarded the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the year for the services industry in NSW.

Bush regeneration and site restoration projects began 15 years ago. He brought his extensive, Australia-wide knowledge, experience and networking capabilities together to ensure that all aspects of these projects – everything from flora & fauna species and soil research to topography restoration – came together to deliver amazing results for previously decimated areas.

His passion for the environment remains unabated.