Bill Richdale

Bill Richdale

Consulting Ecologist

Bill joined Active in 2020 as Consulting Ecologist in the Victorian team.

Bill has had over twenty years’ experience as a practicing ecologist.  He has a Master of Applied Science from the University of Melbourne and is a member of the Ecological Society of Australia.  He is accredited by DELWP to conduct Vegetation Quality Assessments across Victoria.

Bill has conducted biodiversity/vegetation and threatened species assessments across the bioregions of Victoria for a number of different government and commercial clients.  One vegetation assessment involved the discovery of a population Dianella amoena, an endangered EPBC Act listed species of lily, in suburban MacLeod, which subsequently saved the population from housing development.  Another biodiversity assessment was the survey of the bird species at Point Wilson, in particular the Australasian Gannet  (Morus serrator) colony at the end of the Point Wilson wharf.

He retains his lifelong passion for the natural environment.